For Ludum Dare 32, a small team of friends and I made a little game called Monk Bonk. In the game, you play a cross-shaped-scepter wielding priest, who bops along along happily through life. He has exactly 30 seconds to bonk the pious townspeople on the head, saving their souls, before the world becomes flooded with hell-spawn. The theme was “unusual weapon” and we decided to take the route of religion, which creates your army to fight off the demon horde. There really is no way to survive but you get more points the longer you stay alive! We kept the instructions in game purposefully vague (ie. none at all) so that the rapture would be incredibly confusing and chaotic. Ideally the first time the user plays, they have no idea what is going on!

Play it here!

Supports x-box controller or keyboard/mouse:

  • Move – Arrow Keys / Left Joystick
  • BONK – [Z] on keyboard / (A) button
  • Holy Water (heals followers) –  [X] on keyboard / (B) button

I was in charge of modeling a bunch of miscellaneous items like trees, fence, light post, scepter. I also made the fireballs! whoosh. I also made a title screen sequence that unfortunately never made it into the game due to time.

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